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A customised app for your destination and visitors, without the cost of bespoke development.

The map app that generates an income for your business

•  Future Proof Application

•  Fully Customised

•  Google Maps

•  Extensive Interactive Feature Library

VMap Interactive Visitor Map VMap Interactive Visitor Map

VMaps contain a huge amount of information for Key Stage 2 upwards on all aspects of the syllabus. We will integrate your organisations data with a primary focus on education, enabling engagement and immersion as part of your VRM strategy.


An illustrated map at multiple zoom levels can be added to your app for an even more tailored mapping experience. Designed in-house by VMap, the map can be zoomed in on to reveal further detail and enhance wayfinding accuracy, particularly useful for aquariums and other indoor attractions used in conjunction with near-field technologies.

Indoor Mapping

Link from QR codes to additional content or web pages by including scannable codes around your destination. Adding an element of interactivity to information points without adding excessive signage. QR codes can link to videos, images and text on the internet.


QR Scanner

Embed video in the destination page content for an even more compelling visitor guide app experience. Incorporate existing video content and play videos directly on an information page or in full screen for an engaging and informative user experience.



Create an audio tour of your site with embedded audio content available on the destination page and playable through device speakers or headphones. Your app can tell your stories to visitors through voiceovers and other audio for an even more absorbing experience.



Add iconography or imagery to your markers to reflect your brand's own icons and wayfinding devices. Icons can be developed in-house by Vmap, providing a more customised app experience and one that is perfectly aligned with your brand.


Custom Markers

VMap Interactive Visitor Map