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A customised app for your destination and visitors, without the cost of bespoke development.

The map app that generates an income for your business

•  Future Proof Application

•  Fully Customised

•  Google Maps

•  Extensive Interactive Feature Library

VMap Interactive Visitor Map VMap Interactive Visitor Map

GPS Mapping

Integrated GPS mapping means visitors can confidently navigate your site. Your visitors will be able to pinpoint their location, making it easier for them to identify and navigate to key locations, meaning they spend more time doing the things they'll love and less time getting there. Find-a-Friend included.

Content Management

Organise content, descriptions & imagery with our easy to use Content Management System that enables simple updating & changes to your app. Integrated directly with our apps, the CMS delivers remote updates that provide a fresh, new experience for users on every visit.

In-depth Information

Provide in-depth information on key destinations, exhibits or rides with extensive descriptions and imagery that keep your visitors engaged. You can even include links to information hosted on the internet to allow visitors to discover even more about the best attractions at your site.

Featured Locations

Promote specific locations to drive customers to key destinations on your site. Increased footfall could improve the performance of concessions or highlight hidden treasures and new attractions to make the most of a prominent new touchpoint with your customers on your app's home page.

Social Media

Link to social media to encourage conversations and grow awareness by word of mouth. With simple sharing and posting functionality to both Facebook and Twitter, users can highlight their experiences and raise awareness of your destination among their friends and followers.


Visitors can mark locations to easily return to their favourite experiences. An easy to use favourites icon lets users pick their preferred locations so they can quickly discover information & find their way back on subsequent visits.


Map Markers

Place map markers in the app to pinpoint specific on-site locations for users. Define which locations are displayed on a familiar mapping screen, pinpointing individual attractions, exhibits, rides or amenities on your site, and allowing visitors to quickly navigate to them with minimum fuss.

Regular Updates

Update content regularly to keep up with changing priorities and new attractions at your destination. Attractions can change often – to keep your app up to date you can update content as often as you like and for as long as you like for real longevity and the best return on your investment.